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Keeping employee records in tomHRM: contracts and certificates

Employee records and personnel files

Today we want to introduce one of the basic and most popular tomHRM features: employee records. It’s a set of options that make it easier to maintain personnel files and employee documentation required by law.

What files you can keep in the employee records?

  • Expired and current contracts
  • Lists of certificates and accomplished courses
  • Other employee documentation.


You can enable email notifications for every contract and certificate to notify the employee when the date of expiry is approaching. This will optimize your everyday work and help you keep the employee records up to date.


You can store any other necessary employee documents in the records. Moreover, it’s possible to configure access to every file for other employees (e.g. HR team or direct manager).

Employee profile: contracts

You can integrate tomHRM with third-party services such as other HR systems via API and add payroll slips in PDF automatically to the Documents tab in the employee profile, for instance. Get in touch with us to learn more.


Besides keeping documents in the employee profile, you can use the Documents module as well. This feature allows for the storage of any documents organized into folders and subfolders. This way, all your company documents are stored in one, safe place. Moreover, you can:

  • give access to files for chosen employees based on their job position or department,
  • generate file-sharing links secured with a password and with an expiry date.


Reports are another useful option in terms of keeping employee records:

  • expiring contracts report
  • expiring certificates report

You can use them to easily filter and find information that can be visualized in tables or in a calendar, which will allow you to analyze the results better.

You can export filtered results to XLS as well.

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