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Product updates – 2022-03-01

Recruitment ATS

  • [Improvement] Ability to set “Reply to” in the “Send email” action in the automation
  • [Improvement] Adding a note to the candidate’s profile changes the date of activity on the candidate
  • [Improvement] Extending the scope of data in the export of candidates
  • Onboarding

    • [New] Support for new tags {Buddy} and {Branch} in e-mail
    • [Fix] Correction of the message for the pre-onboarding already started

    Time tracking & timesheets

    • [Improvement] Project selection when adding work time [savings: 2 seconds per action]
    • [New] The ability to perform multiple clock-in of the day (option to be included in the module configuration)
    • [New] Clock-in outside the agreed working hours (option to be included in the module configuration)

    Time off

    • [Improvement] Added filter “Employment form” in the absence calendar view

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