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Recruitment Software

Every recruitment step becomes easier

Acquire candidates. Select talents. Hire people.

Recruitment Software


tomHRM enables teams to work together in one platform, across every stage of talent lifecycle.

Recruitment Software - HR platform

Acquire candidates

Careers design
Screening questions
Custom fields

Customize your sourced candidates with custom fields.

Detailed candidate profiles
Candidate tags
CV uploader
Resume parsing

Automatically parse resumes.

Select talents

Share candidates to manager
Bulk actions
Team collaboration
Interview&call scheduling

Easily schedule interviews and check available date


Create and assign tasks to your recruitee team.

Email templates
Triggered notification

Turn triggered email automations.

Hire people

Create employee record

Assign to onboarding process

Base platform features
Employee documents & notes

Add any documents or notes to employee profile

Employee Self Service

Keep employee records safe and updated

Employees directory

Search and filter employees by deptartment, job positions and others

Roles, permissions

Set permissions to employees

Customizable Branding

Set logo, name, company color menu, localization setting.


Integration with third party software


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GDPR compliant

Most important GDPR features


Starting from $35 per 2 Job Openings

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Our customers

1 on 1 meetings

Stronger manager-employee relationship.
Keeps you and your team engaged, informed and motivated.

Employee onboarding

Plan trainings, monitor training needs, and keep an eye on the budget. Let people grow in your organization.


Goal-oriented work makes yours a successful employee, team and company.

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