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Product updates – 2022-04-11

Recruitment ATS

  • [New] Candidate tracking + notifications
  • [New] Hidden recruitment
  • [New] Additional text field in the application form
  • [Improvement] Optional field with the expected salary in the forms
  • [Improvement] Sections in the candidate’s profile with information about the Talent Pools
  • [Improvement] Moved of information about Linkedin/Facebook to the [contact] section in the candidate’s profile

Requests form

  • [Improvement] Request form ability to copy
  • [Improvement] Approved request form possibility to delete
  • [Improvement] Adding an additional page with comments in the export of the application to PDF

Time tracking & timesheets

  • [New] New parameter allowing to define how much time before starting work can use clock-in
  • [New] Possibility to perform multiple clock-in during the day
  • [New] Possibility to configure the clock-in outside the employee’s working time
  • [Improvement] Extension of work time filters with a multi-choice forms of employment

Time off

  • [Improvement] Possibility to set 3/4 day off from work


  • [New] Additional parameter in the onboarding path – possibility disabling steps after the first login

Surveys & quizzes

  • [Improvement] Improving the view survey in the mobile version


  • [New] Endpoint extension for adding a candidate with the field “Recommending employee” (Recruitment ATS)
  • [New] Adding Endpoint download candidate list (Recruitment ATS)
  • [New]
    Adding Endpoint to downloading a single entry in the timesheets (Time tracking & timesheets)

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