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Modern HR software

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Customizable HR platform

application tracking system ATS - tomhrm

ATS - tomHRM


Applicant Tracking System

Speed up your hiring process by replacing dispersed spreadsheets, forms, and emails with tomHRM. Manage every stage of the recruitment process and engage the perfect candidates easily.

  • Career Pages
  • Notifications & email templates
  • Notes, tasks, events with candidates
  • Advanced candidate search
  • Referral source highlights
  • Tools for Hiring Managers
  • Reports
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Employee onboarding

Build a great experience for your new employees.

Assign onboarding processes to job positions
Run surveys / tests / quizzes
Assign tasks to team
Foster knowledge sharing
Track employee progress
Connect with the Training add-on

(coming soon!)

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Employee onboarding software

Emplyoee surveys Software - HR app

Employee surveys - tomHRM


Surveys and quizzes

Improve productivity and engage employees.

  • Surveys
  • Anonymous responses
  • Quizzes, scoring, correct answers
  • Determine recipients based on job positions, departments & locations
  • Various question types
  • Search & filter results
  • Email notifications
  • Data export (CSV)
  • Custom logo
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PTO - Abcences, leaves management


Absences / Time off management

Manage vacation and absence requests in your company with the absences & time-off management module.

Absence calendar
Custom absence types
Requests history
Approval flows and vacation policy
Multinational (holidays in over 70 countries)
Custom days off per location
Export to XLS

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Abcences management - HR software

Time tracking software - Timesheet for employees

Timesheets - tomHRM


Time tracking & timesheets

Time is at a premium. Streamline time tracking and reporting to increase productivity.

  • Time tracker
  • Clock in, clock out, breaks
  • reporting for projects, teams, tasks, clients
  • Entries approval
  • Email Notifications
  • Reports
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1 on 1 Meetings - tomHRM


1 on 1 Meetings

Run periodic evaluation meetings with employees to support their growth.

Talking points
Meeting notes
Talking points templates
Dashboard overview for admins

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1-1 Meetings software

OKR Software


OKRs and Goals

Easily manage OKRs and track progress across teams, departments, and the whole company.

  • Set objectives & key results
  • Establish company’s, departments’, and employees’ goals
  • Track business progress
  • Analyze reports
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Feedback 360 - tomHRM


360 Degree Feedback

Organize 360/270/180° feedback surveys and performance evaluations for your employees.

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360 degree feedback software - tomHRM

Trainings management software

Training management software for HR


Training management

  • Attendees lists
  • Waiting lists
  • Budgets
  • Certificates
  • Training calendar
  • Automatic notifications & email templates
  • Learning paths
  • Reports
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