Requests Form

Creating a Flow for Request Forms for your people.
Optimize & automate work.

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We support the development of +50 000 employees from small and large companies

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A company with 100 employees
saves 375 hours / 4,000 EUR a year

(4 applications per employee x 10 minutes per paper application x 100 employees x 60 EUR/1 hour labor cost).


Form builder

  • You don’t need technical skills to build request form
  • Unlimited fields and templates
  • Various type of fields: employee select, multi-select, select, checkbox, input text, numbers
  • Templates categoryies
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Create approval flow

  • Unlimited steps
  • Various roles of acceptance: manager, dept. manager, manager of the team
  • Creating approval flow for each Request Forms
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Share to employees

  • Describe form, assign to a category, add icon and color
  • Define visibility according to the employees segment by organizational structure
Zarządzanie zespołem

Manage requests

  • Accept, reject requests
  • Add coments
  • Email notifications
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  • Manage all the requests
  • Search requests, filter by date, employees, categories
  • Insights, like average time to approval
  • Export to file
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Basic features tomHRM

Features of our HR software

Employee profile

Add any documents or notes to employees’ profiles. One place for certificates and contracts.

Employee self-service

Make sure your employee records stay safe and up to date.

Employees directory

Search and filter employees by deptartment, job positions and others.

Organizational chart

Visual org chart that represents the structure of a company by departments or managers.

Team, Dept., Branchs

Company structure: teams, departments, job positions, branchs.

User roles and permissions

Configure the necessary permissions and access to modules and actions for employees.

Calendar integration Google/O365

Integrate tomHRM with Google or O365 calendar.

Single Sign-on

Single Sign-on by Google, O365, Azure Active Directory, oAuth.

Customizable branding

Add your logo, company name, and colors, enable localization settings.


Integration with a number of third-party software.

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Learn more about security of data and servers.

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GDPR compliance

Learn more about data protection and GDPR compliance.

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Time tracking

Help your teams use time in an efficient way. Time tracking, clock in/out. Approval. Reports. Teams, projects, tasks.

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Surveys & quizzes

For employees or candidates. Surveys, NPS, quizzes. For training, recruitments, onboarding. Publish. Engage and analyze data.

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Time off, Absences

Helps you to manage vacation and absence requests in your company. Track PTO requests, balances, and approvals.

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