Shift planner

Comprehensively and automatically plan the working time and arranging schedules

Harmonogram czasu pracy

Key Features

  • Automatic creation of working time schedules
  • Possibility to copy working time schedules
  • Normative and non-normative work time
  • Overtime service
  • Working time schedule for departments, branches and selected employees
  • Working time accounting rules
  • Notifications
  • Support for days off and holidays
  • Integration with Time tracking and Time off
Shift planner

Shift planner - benefits

Reduced billing costs

Reduced billing costs

Work automation

Work automation

Elastyczne dopasowanie wg własnych reguł rozliczeń

Flexible billing rules

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Basic features

Employee profile

Add any documents or notes to employees’ profiles. One place for certificates and contracts.

Employee self-service

Make sure your employee records stay safe and up to date.

Employees directory

Search and filter employees by deptartment, job positions and others.

Organizational chart

Visual org chart that represents the structure of a company by departments or managers.

Team, Dept., Branchs

Company structure: teams, departments, job positions, branchs.

User roles and permissions

Configure the necessary permissions and access to modules and actions for employees.

Calendar integration Google/O365

Integrate tomHRM with Google or O365 calendar.

Single Sign-on

Single Sign-on by Google, O365, Azure Active Directory, oAuth.

Customizable branding

Add your logo, company name, and colors, enable localization settings.


Integration with a number of third-party software.

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Learn more about security of data and servers.

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GDPR compliance

Learn more about data protection and GDPR compliance.

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