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Product updates – 2022-02-04

We are glad that we can inform our users about the first such large quantity this year.
Below you will find a list of functions into modules. Finally, a general summary of the first month solution.

Recruitment ATS

  • [New] Language versions of job offers
  • [New] Introducing a new type of question in the recruitment form: single choice
  • [Improvement] Changing the navigation element to change the candidate stage
  • [Improvement] Displaying information in the recruitment edit: author who has access
  • [Improvement] Additional parameter to be set in actions, for additional questions
  • [Improvement] Added sorting of the list of candidates after the Assessment (recommendations)
  • [Improvement] Candidate search filter added: search by rejection reason
  • [Improvement] Adding candidate search filters: filtering on unassigned recruiting
  • [Improvement] Rebuilding the candidate’s profile view
  • [Bugfix] Corrected moving over candidates [next / previous] with sort preservation
  • [Bugfix] The edge case that causes duplicate entries in the integrated Google calendar is eliminated

Time Off

  • [Improvement] Change in the absence calendar – showing the department / team manager on the list when selecting department / team filters

Time tracking & timesheets

  • [Improvement] Filtering the working time report by the client: gives the possibility to choose filtering only by the selected client’s project or all client’s projects
  • [Improvement] Adding the “h” unit to the list with the number of working hours to choose from in “Add Multiple”
  • [Bugfix] Filtering the work time report by project: reloading the list of tasks from a given project
  • [Bugfix] [Correcting the date range in filtering data for the report

Surveys & quizzes

  • [New] Added the definition of additional questions in the NPS survey


  • [Improvement] Adding a note edition


  • [Improvement] Addition of a selection of a logical condition when defining an access group to a category in the Knowledge Base
  • [Improvement] Optimization of the speed of sending e-mail notifications about new news


  • [Improvement] Added option to rename a file
  • [Bugfix] Corrected loading of the password-protected file in Excel format


  • [New] Option to select an available login method. Ability to disable the classic form when SSO is enabled


  • Updating API and documentation for changes. The changes do not necessitate adjusting the integrations that use the tomHRM API

We have implemented a number of improvements to improve navigation, changes in messages, improvements in the loading speed of selected application views, we have increased the power of servers, we have implemented new mechanisms for monitoring the operation of the application. We carry out some of this work systematically every month.

Some of our team changed their seats to make it even more comfortable to sit at work;), we enlarged the team, launched 4 new recruitments, we started working on a new module, we planned 2 marketing projects for this year. We adopted several dozen new ideas. We have updated the development plan for the next three quarters. In the meantime, we welcomed over a dozen new customers and one returning customer.

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