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HR Software - tomHRM
We are supporting +50 000 employees from small and large companies

We have great customers

4.7 / 5

Karolina Baljon - Macher, HR Business Partner

Komunikacja Plus

User friendly, very useful (especially ATS!), with great support. All suggestions for improvements from the client are taken into account and often implemented - that's huge advantage.

Krzysztof Piernicki, CFO

APS Systems

TomHRM serves the purpose, it helps with HR admin tasks without huge implementation projects for a relatively small budget and with low effort thus helping Founders/Management Team focus on growing the business, which essentially is what startup community should be focusing on

Weronika Sierant / HR Manager


Thanks to tomHRM ATS we succesfully automated processing of candidate applications.

Maciej Jochym, DIrector of HR Department

Alior Leasing

I highly recommend cooperation with tomHRM.
We are very content with the tomHRM Time Off module that integrates seamlessly with all business processes. There are constant updates so the tool is growing at a really fast pace which is impressive.

Karolina Łazęcka, HR Manager


We chose several tomHRM modules to comprehensively manage our soft HR. It is convenient not only for our HR department, but also for all SentiOne employees, who use the platform to access their data and manage their time and development more effectively.

Karoline Johansen


This saves you a lot of time and money. The paperwork is gone and all is digitalized. You can customize the product to look the way you like. You have all documents and information you need in one place, and its so easy to access. Welcome to a new and easy way to work!

Powerful HR apps in one place.

Support the decision-making process and address challenges across the entire employee lifecycle.

Better tools, better work,
better workplace.

Hiring and onboarding

Recruitment ATS

Enhance Candidate Experience and decrease the cost per hire. Bring new talent to the organization and make managers happy.

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Make the first days of your employees easier. Connect, engage, explain. Make sure they are properly prepared for the new job.

(feature coming soon!)

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Time management

Time off / Absences

Save time, reduce paperwork, and manage vacations and leaves effortlessly.

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Time tracking

Help your team use their time in a more efficient way. Track it, manage it, and save it.

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Engagement & performance


Ensure the satisfaction of employees and the success of the company with goal-oriented work.

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1 on 1 Meetings

Understand what your employees need and support their development.

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Surveys / Quizzes

Stay in touch with your employees and don't lose sight of what is going on in your organization.

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360 Degree Feedback

Ensure that your teams are using their full potential and help them grow.

(feature coming soon!)

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Talent development

Learning & training management

Plan trainings, collect requests, and monitor the budget. Provide your employees with lifelong learning and growth opportunities.

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Quizzes / surveys

Easily create surveys, tests & quizzes as pre- and post-tests in trainings to measure progress.

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tomHRM Suite

All the HR apps you will ever need in one pretty package.

Power of tomHRM for your people

Reduce over 80% of your paperwork. Save time and money.
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