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Talent Acquisition stage become easiest and GDPR compliant

Acquire candidates. Select talents. Hiring best talents.

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Features ATS Software

Launch Career Page with applications form.
Take care of Employer branding.


  • Own logo, company colors and description
  • Configurable search
  • Builder application form with custom questions
  • Consent GDPR
  • Mobile friendly
  • Integration with company website (API) 

Career Page ATS

Custom stages. All candidate in one place.


  • Fast serach with boolean search candidates
  • Share candidates to managers
  • Scheduling interviews
  • Team calendar, individual calendar
  • Email / SMS notification
  • Integration Google Calender, Office365
  • Notes, tasks
  • Recommendations, evaluate, competence candidate
  • Move forward candidate
  • Move to other the Job
  • Bulk edit

Candidate management - ATS Software

Schedule meetings and interviews with candidates.
Simply and quickly add tasks to the hiring team.
Use team calendar.


  • Scheduling interviews
  • Email / SMS notifications
  • Email templates
  • Share task with hiring team
  • Integration to Google Calendar / Office365

Reports and statistics provide a powerful set of information for effective operation, reducing costs.
Track the most important recruitment KPIs.


  • Effectiveness of sources
  • Time to hire
  • Reasons disqualifed
  • Recruitment Pipeline
  • Productivity hiring team

CRM ATS is the perfect solution for a recruitment agency. Build a customer base and history activities in one tool.


  • Clients & contacts management
  • Assign the Job to client
  • Search and filters
  • Task, notes
  • Activities history

Enable consent GDPR collection.
ATS will take care of the rest.


  • Two types consent: current, features
  • Report expired GDPR consent
  • Setting the length of validity of consent
  • Changelog consent
  • Auto deleted candidate with expired consent (option)
  • Consent templates

System ATS - obsługa RODO

Read more about GDPR compliant

Read more about security

Automate work and data exchange.


  • Integration with Google Calendar / Office365
  • Auto publish job offer on your company website (Open API)
  • Share job offer in social media: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook
  • API

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Improve your work
at every stage of contact with the candidate

ATS Software allows you to automate the recruitment process
and more effective communication with the candidate.


Candidate management - ATS Software

Compliance GDPR

Security and privacy comes first to us.
ATS tomHRM is adapted to the requirements and European standards in the field of GDPR.

Acquire candidates

Career page

Start your own career page with job offers and company description. Share the application form and collect applications.

Share on social media

Share job offer on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter.

Screening questions

You can add any additional fields in the application form. Create questions to better select candidates.

Sources candidates

Many sources candidates. The most effective statistics. Reports.

Google for jobs

All job offers indexed by Google search engine.

Multiple talent pools

Create talent pools and manage candidates any way you like.

Candidate profiles

Browse candidate profiles, activities history, documents, notes, rates, recommendations.


Tag the candidates. Filter and browse.

Parse CV

Automatically parse candidate data from CV.

Job in multiple localizations

Run one recruitment and assign it to many localizations.

Consent GDPR

Any GDPR consent in the application form. Prompts for expiring consents. Option to automatically remove candidates with expired consent.

Chrome Extension Linkedin

Coming soon - Q4 2019

Select talents

Custom stages

Set your own recruitment stages for each recruitment: name, color and order.

Share candidates

Share manager candidates for evaluation.

Interview scheduling

Calendar of meetings, calls and tasks. Matching free dates. Integration with Google and Outlook calendars.


Team calendar and individual calendar recruiter. Integration with Google Calendar and Office365.

Search & filters

Extensive filters allow you to get any list of candidates. Support boolean search.

Rates, recommendations

Ratings, recommendations, interview notes, candidate competences.

Notes and tasks

Share notes with hiring team. Create a to-do list.

Email & SMS notifications

Improve communication. Send emails and SMS invitations.

Team work

Assign recruiters for recruitment. Share calendar, notes and tasks.

Templates email

Use personalized email templates in notifications and mailings to candidates.

Bulk action

Share multiple candidates with one click, move to the next stage. Improve your work.

Activity history

Browse the history of activity on the candidate. From notes and tasks to status changes and access to CVs.

Data analysis and reports

Sources candidates

Browse the most effective sources for acquiring candidates.

Time to hire

Monitor how long it takes to hire candidates.

Pipeline report

Analyze the situation in the Job.

Reasons disqualifed report

Check the most common reasons for rejecting a candidate and analyze.

Productivities team

Team work efficiency. Interviews, calls, evaluates, tasks, notes.

Visaulize date

Clear data presentation

Advenced filters

Customize reports with filters.

Data export

Export reporting data to CSV.

Employment and onboarding

Employee profile

Close recruitment and create employee profile with one click.


Start employee onboarding in the company with one click.

Base features

Employee documents & notes

Add any documents or notes to employee profile

Org structure

Departments, job positions, localizations.

Users & employees

Grant system privileges to every employee. Login using LDAP, Google Auth, Google or Slack.

Roles, permissions

Set permissions to employees

Customizable Branding

Set logo, name, company color menu, localization setting.


Integration with third party software


Learn more about security

1 on 1 meetings

Effectively organize cyclical evaluation meeting


Measure knowledge. Use survey as Pre-test & post-test in trainings. Easy create surveys & tests & quizzes.


Make the first days of your employees easier. Connect, engage, teach. Be sure, that they are prepared for the new job.

(coming soon!)

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