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Enhanced ATS system and GDPR compliant talent acquisition

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ATS Software features

Recruitment system with modules and customization

Create a Career Page with integrated application forms.
Improve your employer branding.


  • Add your logo and description, adapt the design to your branding

  • Configurable search

  • Application form builder with custom questions

  • GDPR consent

  • Mobile friendly

  • Integration with the company website (API) 

Career Page ATS

Customize the recruitment process stages. All candidate data in one place.


  • Look for the right candidate with boolean search

  • Share candidates’ profiles with managers

  • Schedule interviews

  • Team calendar, individual calendar

  • Email / SMS notification

  • Integration with Google Calendar and Office 365

  • Notes, tasks

  • Recommendations, candidate’s competences evaluations

  • Move candidates to next stages

  • Assign candidates to other job positions

  • Bulk edit

Candidate management - ATS Software

Schedule meetings and interviews with candidates.
Simply and quickly add tasks for the hiring team and plan the work schedule.


  • Scheduling interviews with candidates

  • Email / SMS notifications

  • Email templates

  • Assign tasks to the hiring team

  • Integration with Google Calendar and Office 365

Analyze reports and statistics of your recruitment processes to improve operations and reduce costs.
Track the most important recruitment KPIs.


  • Source effectiveness analysis

  • Time to hire analysis

  • Reasons for rejecting applications

  • Recruitment pipeline analysis by department, job position and recruiter

  • Hiring team productivity analysis

CRM ATS is the perfect solution for a recruitment agency. Store your customer base and history of activities in one tool.


  • Clients & contacts management

  • Assign job to a client

  • Search and filters

  • Task and notes

  • Activity history

Ensure your forms are GDPR compliant.
Enable personal data processing consent.


  • Two types of consent: for current and future recruitments

  • Expired GDPR consent warnings

  • Customizing the consent validity time

  • Consent changelog

  • Possibility to enable auto-deletion of candidates with expired consent

  • Consent templates

System ATS - obsługa RODO

Read more about GDPR compliance

Read more about security

Automate work and streamline data exchange.


  • Integration with Google Calendar and Office 365

  • Auto publish job offer on your company website (Open API)

  • Share job offer in social media: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook

  • API

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Automated ATS system

Improve every stage of your recruitment process and take Candidate Experience to the next level

Recruitment ATS allows you to automate the recruitment process
and carry out effective communication with the candidate.


Recruitment Software

GDPR compliance

Security and privacy come first to us.
tomHRM ATS is adapted to the requirements
and EU standards in the field of data protection.

Acquire candidates trough recruitment system

Career page

Create your own career page with job offers and company description. Add the application form and start collecting applications.

Share on social media

Share job offer on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

Screening questions

Add any additional fields to the application form. Customize questions to better select candidates you are looking for.

Candidate sources

Many sources of candidate acquisition available, including statistics and reports on the most effective sources.

Google for jobs

All job offers indexed by the Google search engine: reach candidates that are actively looking for a job.

Multiple talent pools

Create talent pools and manage candidates any way you like.

Candidate profiles

Browse candidate profiles, activity history, documents, notes, rates, recommendations.


Tag candidates and use filtering options to browse profiles in a more accessible way.

Parse CV

Automatically parse candidate data from CV: save time on application screening and copying data.

Jobs in multiple localizations

Run one recruitment and assign it to many localizations.

GDPR consent

Include any GDPR consent in the application form. Stay informed of expiring consents and automatically remove candidates with expired consent.

Linkedin extension for Chrome

Coming soon – Q4 2019

Automatic HR selection of talents

Custom stages

Set your own recruitment stages for each recruitment and configure their names, colors, and order.

Share candidates

Share candidates’ profiles with hiring managers for evaluation.

Interview scheduling

Calendar of meetings, calls, and tasks. Picking suitable dates. Integration with Google and Outlook calendars.


Team and individual calendars for recruiters. Integration with Google Calendar and Office 365.

Search & filters

Extensive filters allow you to extract lists of candidates with desired qualities. Support boolean search.

Ratings & recommendations

Ratings, recommendations, interview notes, candidate competences.

Notes & tasks

Share notes within the hiring team and create to-do lists with tasks.

Email & SMS notifications

Keep in touch with the candidate: send emails and SMS invitations.


Assign recruiters for every recruitment. Share calendar, notes, and tasks with the team.

Email templates

Use personalized email templates when sending notifications and mailings to candidates.

Bulk actions

Perform mass actions to make your work more efficient: share multiple candidates or move them to the next stage with one click.

Activity history

Browse the history of activity on the candidate’s profile: from notes and tasks to status changes and access to CVs.

ATS system with data analysis and reports

Candidate sources

Browse and analyze the most effective sources for candidate acquisition.

Time to hire

Monitor how long it takes to hire candidates: keep your metrics under control.

Pipeline report

Audit open recruitments, control the current situation and analyze every single stage.

Reasons for rejection report

Check and analyze the most common reasons for rejecting a candidate.

Team productivity

Monitor teamwork efficiency in terms of interviews, calls, evaluations, tasks, notes.

Data visualization

Clear, easy-to-digest data presentation for a better understanding of the metrics.

Advenced filters

Customize reports with filters and analyze the data that is relevant for you.

Data export

Easily export reporting data to CSV.

Hired and onboarding


Kick-off employee onboarding in the company with one click.

System ATS - features

Employee profile

Add any documents or notes to employees’ profiles. One place for certificates and contracts.

Employee self-service

Make sure your employee records stay safe and up to date.

Employees directory

Search and filter employees by deptartment, job positions and others.

Organizational chart

Visual org chart that represents the structure of a company by departments or managers.

Team, Dept., Branchs

Company structure: teams, departments, job positions, branchs

User roles and permissions

Configure the necessary permissions and access to modules and actions for employees.

Calendar integration Google/O365

Integrate tomHRM with Google or O365 calendar.

Single Sign-on

Single Sign-on by Google, O365, Azure Active Directory, oAuth.

Customizable branding

Add your logo, company name, and colors, enable localization settings.


Integration with a number of third-party software.


Learn more about security of data and servers.

GDPR compliance

Learn more about data protection and GDPR compliance.

TomHRM - HR recruitment software

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Helps you to manage vacation and absence requests in your company. Track PTO requests, balances, and approvals.


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